Sara Bareilles

Ingrid Michaelson

AR Rahman

Indianapolis 500 Festival on Main


Trey Smith, founder of TFS Productions, has gained his experience over the last 10 years serving as a tour manager, production manager and front of house engineer.  Trey has been involved in organizing and planning the production for artists on a broad range of events.  Whether it is playing for the President at the White House, to world tours, or to corporate events, Trey has the experience to get the job done well.  His unique resume allows him to provide practical knowledge and first hand experience to produce production for the best events possible. 


TFS Productions specializes in designing the production for tours, corporate events, and concerts.  Working with world renowned designers, state of the art equipment, and highly skilled production crew, TFS will provide a one stop solution for all your production needs.  Whether you are planning a world tour, or are organizing an intimate one night event, TFS has the ability to provide the custom touch needed for each of its clients.   
For more information about how TFS Productions can help you, email info@tfs-productions.com


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